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How to log and map your train journeys

19th March 2024

Ever wanted to create a map of your rail adventures? Now it’s easier than ever with TrainLookout My Journeys.

If you do not already have a TrainLookout account, you can sign-up here. It’s the first step for logging and mapping your train journeys.

It’s as simple as searching the origin and destination stations, just as if you were buying a ticket.

You can add additional details, including date, duration, and optional notes. Additionally, you can group journeys into trips and later filter by that criteria to view a map of a specific trip or segment.

After adding, the journey will now appear on your map. You can also plan train trips, with upcoming journeys displayed separately.

You can see the list of your logged journeys, including useful details such as distance.

Want to skip adding the details manually? Check out our Email Auto-Import option for even easier and quicker journey logging.

In addition to looking through your personal rail map, you can now generate a map image to share on social media.

As you continue to fill your travel log, you can access your insights, which summarise details about your journeys, including longest/shortest journeys, number of stations visited, and many other statistics.

Additionally, you can make your profile public. This will make your map and select details about your journeys accessible via a personalised link. You can check out a demo here!

We hope you enjoy creating your rail journey map and staying on top of your travel history with TrainLookout. We are continually improving TrainLookout to make the train journey tracker easier and quicker to use. If you have any feedback, we are always reachable via email or social media.