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TrainLookout Team

TrainLookout 2024 Update

19th January 2024

In January 2023, we unveiled TrainLookout to the world. A year later, hundreds of users have signed up, collectively logging thousands of rail journeys. We are grateful for the feedback and encouragement we have received from the community.

Due to a combination of factors, progress, especially in the second half of the year, was than slower anticipated. We are excited to announce that work on TrainLookout has fully resumed. Most importantly, 2024 will be an exciting year as we are laser focused on consistently delivering key improvements and new features.

Some of the recent changes you might have already noticed over the last few weeks include:

  • View insights about your journeys, such as most visited stations, countries visited by rail and much more
  • Introduced Email Auto-Import for quicker and easier logging of journeys (read more)
  • Ability to share your profile publicly
  • Launched the blog you are now reading!

In addition, there are smaller changes, including:

  • Reporting system for missing stations and incorrect routing
  • The ability to duplicate journeys with one click
  • Station search and journey addition becoming quicker and more reliable (+ more coming - soon!)
  • Improvements made to the UI, including a loading indicator and alerts

As always, your feedback is key. In fact, many of the most recent changes were based on comments and requests made by users, and we can promise that from now on, changes will happen more quickly than ever.

A special thank you to those who have opted for a paid subscription, supporting our work directly and allowing us to keep going. As well, those of you that have provided feedback and have been patient with us as we make improvements have been invaluable. Thank you for your support.